Meet Shauna

Baking to me is an expression of love. I grew up in a family of great cooks and bakers. We were always celebrating with lots of delicious food and homemade treats. And when I met my husband, I fell in love with his French heritage and the strong culture of French baking.

To me, baking is an art and I love being able to spoil someone with their favourite treat. 



For the sweetest moments in life

When life's sweetest moments happen, we would love to be right by your side. We bake for any occasion or 'just because'.

Weddings. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Showers. Graduations. Retirement. Gender reveal party. Office meetings. Thank you. Teacher & Staff Thank you's.

“life is short, eat the cake.” 

The Quality

We use only high quality ingredients and keep it as local as possible. We use real ingredients like real vanilla bean, free range eggs & local dairy. Our baking is always served fresh.


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